Swift Racing Boats

Making Fast Affordable

We believe that going fast doesn’t have to come at a high price so you have the perfect combination of stability and affordability.

We are proud to now be offering Swift Racing Boats – high quality products, outstanding value for money, along with exceptional customer service. Swift International build 1000 racing shells each year and are expanding production to complete 1,500 boats per year – keeping up with demand.

We stand by the design and quality of all Swift boats and fittings. as we know all Swift boats are manufactured to the highest of standards. Our commitment to our customers is backed up with multi-year nationwide warranties that can be transferred between owners. Hull & Composites: 3 Years. Fittings: 2 Years.

Swift offers 4 different construction types:

Talk to us now – so we can arrange a ‘try before you buy’ appointment for you.

Prices and information for Carbon Elite & Club B classes are available on request.