Coastal Quad

The Swift Coastal Coxed Quad has amazing features setting it apart from other coastal rowing boats and helping rowers have an unbelievable rowing experience.

  • Fold up two-stay back riggers for compact storage and easy transport
  • One piece fin/rudder design positioned in front of coxswain
  • Over stern kayak style rudder is available as add-on option
  • Fin/rudder is an Aerofoil daggerboard design for shallow water landings
  • Available with sweep riggers removing ~6kgs in weight as add-on option
  • Netted areas to hold small items and drinks
  • Handles at the Bow and Stern for easy boat carrying
  • 5 year warranty on boat, plus 2 years on parts

Warranty policy

In the unlikely situation where there is a fault or defect with your boat Swift Coastal Boats NZ offers a 5 year warranty on boats from delivery date, and a 2 year warranty on fittings.** You just need to get in touch with us and we'll talk through the details. We have a preferred repairer in Nelson who understands the boats' constuction and performance. You can try before you buy, giving you that extra confidence in your purchase.
**Excludes wear and tear and incorrect storage of equipment.